Was the Red Sea Crossed on an Ice Bridge?

Another Hollywood depiction of a biblical event is also completely filled with errors. When the House of Israel crossed the Red Sea dry shod, most people imagine that the sea opened up and that a stretch of the sea bottom (now made dry by the wind) was made available for them to escape the Egyptians. It is also assumed that there were walls of water being held back on each side of the “canyon-like” walk way so that the bottom (the sea bed) of the Red Sea became dry. Also, when Pharaoh and his hosts the next morning entered this “canyon-like” roadway then the walls of the water on both sides collapsed and the Egyptians were drowned. This is the classic interpretation of this event, but is it true? In no way does this describe the real event.

Source: A.S.K.

Photo by Francesca Hotchin on Unsplash