Can We Please Stop Appealing to Rabbis for Biblical and Ancient Text Interpretation?

You have to realize appealing to rabbis is no substitute for interpreting Scripture in its ancient (pre-rabbinic) contexts. Rabbinic thought, biblical thought, and scholarly work in understanding the text in its ancient contexts are miles apart. For Christians who affirm that Jesus is messiah the notion of appealing to rabbinic thought for interpreting Scripture is especially odd, especially since rabbinic Judaism changed its theology (namely, the  two powers in heaven doctrine) in response to Christian teaching about the deity of Jesus and a Godhead. For sake of illustration, if you’ve ever listened to Ben Shapiro (I’m a fan of the show) you know what I mean. He often does “Bible time” on his podcast. But what you get isn’t exegesis of the text in its ancient context. What you get is rabbinic opinion (with all the contrarian rabbinic opinions shelved to the side). In other words, if you listened to that sort of explanation on a given passage it would sound quite different than if you read a scholar situating a passage in its ancient Near Eastern context for the purpose of interpretation.


Source: Michael Heiser

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