Solving The Thyroid Puzzle

Low thyroid hormone levels can result in mental confusion. Which only adds to the bewildering state of affairs when it comes to recognizing and rectifying low or high thyroid hormone levels.

While thyroid hormone dysfunction affects 1% of the general population it affects 10% of senior adults (10% females; 6% males).

Many millions of Americans rely on thyroid hormone replacement. But about as many (13 million estimated) may have low thyroid levels and don’t know it.

To make matters worse, an estimated 40% are over-treated; 48% undertreated. Wary of overtreatment which can lead to bone loss and irregular heart beats, many physicians are hesitant to prescribe thyroid hormone replacement, particularly in the oldest old.

The biggest problem is that in 90% of subjects with low thyroid (hypothyroid) their thyroid gland is under attack by their immune system. This autoimmune form of thyroiditis is poorly addressed by modern medicine, which is a focus of this report.


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