Hormone therapy does not increase risk of cancer

Experts say hormones are safe to take to relieve symptoms of menopause

  • A study in the 90s showed women having an increase in diseases after taking hormonal therapy drugs for five to seven years
  • Research compiled for 18 years shows now that women are at equal risk to develop these disease as those who don’t take the hormones 
  • More than 27,000 women aged 50 to 79 were analyzed and close to 27 percent died in the group that took the dummy pills and those who took the hormones 

Hormone therapy does not increase the risk of cancer, heart disease or premature death in menopausal women, a study finds.

Research into the benefits of hormone therapy was stopped early in the 90s when unexpected harms were found from using the drugs versus a dummy pill for five to seven years.

More breast cancer, heart attacks and strokes occurred in women on combined pills, and those on estrogen pills had more strokes.

But about 18 years of follow-up showed that despite those risks, women had similar rates of deaths from heart disease, breast cancer and all other causes as those who took dummy pills.

Experts said the hormone therapy is safe to use by women who are looking to relieve symptoms from menopause such as hot flashes.

Hormone therapy for menopausal women does not increase the risk for heart disease, cancers and premature death. An 18-year follow-up of previous research showed women were just as likely to have these risks without taking the hormones as they are if they take them

Source: Daily Mail Online


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