Hell’s Bells 2 The Power & Spirit Of Popular Music

Hell’s Bells series weaves together science, satire, testimonies, parables, interviews, expansive research, and a vibrant Christian perspective to create a video series that is as fascinating as it is educational and evangelistic. Far more than just a commentary on the dangers of popular music, this eight-part, six-and-a-half hour, and up-to-the-minute documentary uncovers the war of the worldviews the epic struggle between good and evil, sin and redemption for the souls of men and the destiny of our culture.

The eight parts in this documentary series are:

Part 1: Introduction – Foundations for Cultural Analysis; 19 minutes.

Part 2: Sound & Fury – An Examination of the Power of Music; 50 minutes.

Part 3: Heartbeats – Music’s Spiritual Connection; 30 minutes.

Part 4: Notes from the Underground – The Occult History of Rock; 70 minutes.

Part 5: Hearts of Darkness – Rebellion, Nihilism and Death; 48 minutes.

Part 6: Mojo Rising – Satanic Sex and Rock ‘n’ Roll; 60 minutes.

Part 7: Antichrist Superstars – Rock’s Ultimate Rebellion; 43 minutes.

Part 8: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Music and Life at the Cross Roads; 48 minutes.

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