501(c)3 Religion: Reemergence Of the Divine Right Of Kings

Many millions of Americans have begun to recognize that we have been diverted far from the path that the Founding Fathers mapped out for us. It is presumed that the readership of this periodical are already well-informed as to the problems we face, both on a national and an international level. We,therefore, have little need of itemizing them here. If we truly seek to reestablish America as the Founders intended it, we must do as the prophet Jeremiah admonished. We must “ask for the ancient paths.” This is in stark contrast to William J. Clinton’s scheme of“building a bridge to the 21st century.” Clinton’s bridge building is, in reality, a blueprint for annihilation. The solution lies in rediscovering those truths from the past, from which our forefathers relied in establishing a free and independent America. Discerning where “the good way is” is impossible with-out an understanding of our heritage.

Source hushmoney.org

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