Liberty’s Greatest Enemy Today

The greatest institutional enemy of liberty today is administrative law. As long as this condition prevails, defenders of liberty will remain on the defensive.

In the United States, the greatest institutional enemy of liberty is the administrative law judge. You don’t read about this often, which is greatly to the advantage of administrative law judges.

The greatest institutional defense of liberty today is what it has been for 500 years: the jury system.

What we need today, more than anything else in civil government, is citizens who will vote not to convict on a jury because a specific law is corrupt. We need hung juries and bankrupt administrative agencies. Case-by-case, jury by jury, the lone citizen who refuses to vote to convict because a law is corrupt is the crucial defender of liberty. A hung jury forces the state to start over again. This increases costs of state authority.

Here is a law we can trust: Moore’s. Moore’s law is on our side. What we need now is lone jurors.

Source: Gary North

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