New Health Book (Free!): RAPID VIRUS RECOVERY

No Need To Live In Fear!
By Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD

Frightened with which way to turn? Heard about all the deaths from patients who went to the hospital and died of ventilator-induced lung trauma? During the early part of the pandemic, mortality rates were as high as 97% for COVID-19 infected patients placed on a mechanical ventilator.

Vaccines may be even more treacherous. According to a report released by Children’s Health Defense, the Pfizer RNA COVID-19 vaccine killed about 40 times more elderly than the disease itself would have killed.

Enter Dr. Tom Levy to instruct the world how to establish their own respiratory hospital at home for less than $40. It’s the book that will save countless lives. And it’s free!

Dr. Levy is renowned for his books Curing the Incurable, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases and Toxins (MedFox Publishing, 2002), and Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Heath (McGraw-Hill, 1991).

Dr. Levy’s new book provides practical instruction how to instill hydrogen peroxide into the respiratory system via nebulization. It is the most underutilized therapy for everything from sinus problems, sore throat, inflamed tonsils, bronchitis, and viral / bacterial lung infections.

The public hears much about antioxidants but hydrogen peroxide (HP) promotes oxidation. You may be surprised to learn that HP is the body’s natural antibacterial and antiviral.

Hydrogen peroxide (3%), available at drug stores for a couple of dollars can be nebulized into a mist as tiny as 3 to 7 micrometers and inhaled. Even vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate and other natural molecules can be nebulized safely.

HP is a selective killer of bacteria, viruses, even tumor cells, that can be used safely as it kills pathogens and not healthy cells. A treatment costs 10 cents. If nebulizers were available in 1918 when the Spanish flu killed 50 million people, the entire pandemic would have been thwarted. HP also kills multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Nebulizers are widely available at drug stores and online for less than $40. They create a fine mist that penetrates into the lungs and loosens biofilms that stick to the bronchus and lungs.

Nebulized HP is no respecter of strains of viruses. The most deadly influenza, coronavirus, and cold viruses are quelled by nebulized HP. The world is needlessly living in fear of newly mutated coronaviruses for which no vaccine or natural immunity can stop.

There is nothing like free enterprise to compete with public health agencies that have led the world astray.

Source: Free Medfox Book | Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD